It is a mixture between small wolf and fox, its glance, its grace are the principal witnesses.

But a small inoffensive wolf-fox, and so much attaching, a civilized wolf which can accompany you everywhere, a small tender wolf-fox and tender with the children…

Account on Spitz (Medium Spitz-Small Spitz-Pom)

Its measurements are
Medium Spitz : 34 cm (+ or – 4 cm : between 30 and 38 cm)
Small Spitz : 26 cm (+ or – 3 cm : between 23 and 29 cm)
Pom : 20 cm (+ or – 2 cm : between 18 and 22 cm)

Each variety of German Spitz must have a corresponding weight according to his size :
- spitz average in adulthood: between 5 and 6 kg.
- spitz dwarf in adulthood: between 2 and 3 kg.

orange, brown, white, black, wolf grey, creme, orange charcoal, orange sable or spotted.

Convex cranium, plays hazel nuts and obliques, ears triangular and right, wrap thick hair and brilliance, dense fur
He is lovely and robust, lively, intelligent, vigilant and a very good guardian (don’t ask him to be a friend with strangers !).

What he likes town life as much as rural
What he does not like that one penetrates in his field,

The price of a pup is variable, according to its beauty…
it is preferable to hold it !!!
Its maintenance
Its opulent fur requires only one limited maintenance. In the majority of the cases, a brushing twice per week is enough amply to keep a neat peeling to him.
The marked baths with repetition to soften the fur are disadvised, with the profit of the dry shampoos. In theory, it does not have no need to go to the toilettor.

The scandalmongers say it being wary and noisy!!! NO!
This tough legend sticks to him!!!!
Forget all and see an animal full of life and health, which awaits only one thing, to show what it is able to. It is quickly clean. As for brushing, it will come with pleasure on the table from grooming.
Play ball, make it jump (but not with the vertical, this is bad for the back), learn to him from the turns. But of grace, not of delicacies! It has tendency to bulimia and thus to become obese.

In so far as it is not forsaken, it remains close to its Masters and does all that they like.
Including keep silent itself because it has much better do, being tender!

Spitz and children
The guard of a pet supports the development of the child.
It can influence its development positively.
The children and the animals learn much one from the other.
The teaching function that fills the guard of a pet in the child, was studied by many scientists.
The children who live in company of a familiar animal learn more quickly and more easily to behave socially, to take regards, to assume responsibilities and to express tenderness.

The breeding
As already mentioned, I have only a few litters in the year, since I am active still elsewhere. Mrs. Spitz becomes her period each sixth month. The period takes three weeks and is not crowned always with success. Sometimes it remains empty, it arrives evenly also on the good mood of Mr. Spitz! A Dwarf Pom-Breed is not above all very heavy from simplicity. I am pleased everyone times about the births!Then the puppies suck 6 weeks at the nut/mother chest. Already with 8 weeks they may be separated from the mother house!

Line breeding (I am starting now, I never do that before) and some inbreeding are the careful breeder’s greatest tool. But “careful” is the operative word. You must be sure neither parents has a major fault. In order to get consistent type, line breeding is a must.

I would say, that my entire philosophy of Pom (Spitz) breeding is based on a deep, deep love for my dogs.

I would say a special thanks to some Pomeranian Breeder in “Amérique”, my TRUE FRIENDS. May God bless them all.
Healt and Genetics

Understanding Alopecia – please here are the comments of the University of Berne http://www.genetics.unibe.ch/content/rubrik/alopecia_x/index_eng.html

The word “alopecia” means loss of hair. The skin and hair is considered a “mirrow”, or outward expression, of the general health of the body. Other causes of alopecia can include hormonal imbalances, immune deficiency, stress, parasites, infections (yeast, fungal and/or bacterial) and nutritional deficiencies. Many endocrine (hormonal) disorders produce symptoms of coat loss similar to Alopecia X. These include thyroid disordres, adrenal gland problems, growth hormone deficiency, and sex hormone imbalances. Neutering of affected dogs and bitches will sometimes cause hair regrowth.

There are ongoing research studies on the possible heritability of Alopecia X. Please see link fron Dr. Tosso Leeb University in Berne. They especially needs blood from the normal, nonaffected close relatives of dogs affected with Alopecia X.

They made blood tests here in my breed from all my dogs. Till now, all my dogs are healthy and they are my treasures. If you like to purchase one of my wonderful puppies, my vet w’ll give you a health certificate.

Puppy Trainig for you and for me

Since I now I have new puppies, I’ve been doing a lot of research on preparing a puppy for Obedience and competition.

I new puppy owner should go to a PUPPY SCHOOL. He learns a lot with his puppy, how to play to climb over obstacles, see other dogs and make acquaintance with other breeds, this very important. I go to these puppy school, “CLUB CYNO CHABLAIS “- Mister Carlos Torres – instructor Féféral no. 08/0014 tél. 078-860-50-27